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CBD Body Butter

A luscious unscented body butter that supports inflammation using 300 mg of CBD to create a healing experience! Vegan. Made with certified organic and GMO-Free ingredients.

Handmade CBD Lollipops

A Favorite!

Handmade CBD Lollipops

Our Handmade Rainbow Sherbert CBD Lollipop is the real deal. A source of CBD that tastes greats and supports your health! Our CBD lollipops are handmade!

Tastes clean, refreshing and the flavors pop! We use select USA ingredients through small batches to ensure you have the absolute premium hemp extract, with no fillers.

Our proprietary formula will support your healing journey in a fun way! Our lollipops are packaged sealed for freshness and ultimate protection from sunlight.

Shop Quality CBD For You, Your Family & Friends.

We take great pride in sourcing the best CBD in the world from Kentucky soil. Then we mix up small and consistent batches of the highest quality CBD oil for you. Which one is your favorite?

Live Happy with Hemp.

Your Pets Can Use CBD Too! 

Great for inflammation, anxiety,

and, overall well-being for your pets.

Click Our For Pets Bottle to Purchase

Hear What People Are Saying About Us!

A friend gave me a bottle of your pet's CBD oil. It has helped my 15 yr old Chihuahua move around and even chase her tiny tennis ball. You have an amazing product!
Thank You,

Been giving our dog CBD for about two weeks for her hip pain. At 8 she's she's back to her normal playful self instead of limping around and not wanting to do much of anything.
Bill & Kim

Thank you so much! I’m saving over fifty dollars a month! I’m loving it!

Lynn Ford

Fast delivery! Just received my order with the gifted bottle. Thank you!

Melissa Christine

Primary Green is awesome! I use their oils for the entire family. They are always there when I have a question too. 

Marissa Teesley

Hands down, best oils! Affordable with all the quality. So glad I found you guys. 


I was curious and confused about CBD and they guided me through all the questions (I had a ton!) I had. I've been using CBD for months now and feel so much better! You guys rock! Thanks for your help. 

Jenny Martin

I use your products for my horses and have seen more focus and energy in them!

Sarah Collins

Love the citrus flavored! I can finally sleep through the night!

Kate Donaldson

Thank you so much! I’m saving over fifty dollars a month! I’m loving it! I am so impressed!

Jill N.

100% Synthetic FREE

In compliance with

the 2018 Farm Bill Law

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Live Happy with Hemp.

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