For Pets


We carry top-quality THC Free CBD for your furry friends too! It is flavorless and made with love. Our For Pets signature formula is 300 mg.


  • Our signature graduated dropper is included and shows you the exact measurement of your dosage. No more guessing how much you are using!
  • Primary Green CBD products are not made with any additives or dyes to standardize the color of our products. We pride ourselves on sharing our most pure recipes with you. Quality is everything to us and we have batch tested our products with certified results you can count on. What you see on our label is exactly what you get.
  • Primary Green CBD oil products are 100% FREE of THC.
  • Our extracts contain a pure blend of cannabinoids.
  • Health and wellness driven
  • Customer Satisfaction is our priority
  • In compliance with the 2018 Federal Farm Bill Law
  • 99.7% purity
  • Wholesale available for retailers. Home-based businesses are not approved for wholesale.
  • Whole hemp-derived crystalline cannabidiol
  • Isolated via CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation
  • THC-free
  • 24-month shelf life when protected from light and heat
  • Heavy metal and pesticide free
  • Love Your Pets!


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