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Our passion for hemp CBD was created through real life stories each one of us on our team has experienced. Through the wonderful world of hemp and CBD, people or animals that struggle with anxiety, or with pain have a natural medicine to turn to.

 Add this life tool to your self-help bag today. 

We found that most companies were using synthetic and low-grade materials that are often purchased out of the country. We made it our mission to provide you with the premium products of the ultimate quality, purity and taste, which is THC-Free. CBD isolate is our main ingredient because of its purity and consistency. It’s a guarantee that you’re getting only crystalline CBD and absolutely no detectable THC.

Our CBD isolate is virtually flavorless and odorless. By choosing CBD isolate, you’re getting a shelf-stable, fully compliant ingredient that has been trusted by consumers for years.

We are about the customer. Customer satisfaction is our priority.     

We hope to pass on our good vibes and professional Hemp CBD products to you for years to come! Hemp CBD is everyone. 

Live Happy with Hemp.


100% Synthetic FREE

In compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill Law

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We read every single message we receive. If you have questions, good stories about our products or just want to say hi, we will answer you back. Fill out the form and someone from our Primary Green team will get back to you right away. Thanks!

Live Happy with Hemp.

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